Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More about Alex Jones' objections to Zeitgeist Addendum

"Alan Watt and Alex Jones claim Zeitgeist, Krishnamurti, and Jacque Fresco are part of a transhumanist agenda."

This is BS. Re-searching stuff before sending it along to other people or adding helpful information helps us to wade through the "matrix of illusion".
* Zeitgeist 1 part 1 exposed the occult symbolism in all religion (it does not advocate an occult religion) from the documentary the Pharmacratic Inquisition, which rules. Alex Jones probably did not appreciate this to start with.
Part 2 included segments of 9/11 Loose Change. And Part 3 included America: From Freedom to Fascism which includes a message against microchipping the population.
* Krishnamurti was a mystic who broke off from the theosophist movement. I'm a mystic (and I am not too fond of Krishnamurti's writings, though he obviously has some good quotes, and hey: different teachers for different people), am I suddenly a transhumanist?
* Jacque Fresco has nothing to do with the transhumanist movement, the only "transhumanist" suggestion he has ever made that I know of is bionic eyes to make the blind see, oh no! how terrible. The inhumanity... Read Jacque's book Designing the Future, check out the sites, listen and read the interviews - then you can accuse of him of whatever... (that is what you're doing if you spread this stuff, you're not just saying "these people accuse him", you are doing it too by forwarding this crap.)

I don't trust anybody unconditionally. But I also realize that researchers may be just humans in public life talking about heavy stuff, that is not easy. They could be disinfo too here for predictive programming... who knows (though that is a dark view indeed).
I just think Alex Jones really didn't appreciate the first part of Zeitgeist 1 debunking Christianity and his American spirit can't stand anything that even reflects "communism" in the slightest (The Venus Project is not communism).
AJ basically said in his first Zeitgeist 2 videos that he wants to keep hierarchy, wtf?! Hierarchy will always have people oppressed. And Alan Watt... (NOT Alan Watts) I've listened to him for hours, heard stuff I heard everywhere else and some fearmongering, no solutions oh and the info that smoking cigarettes stops chemtrail effects... Good luck with that (Obviously oversimplified here, you get the idea). I will stay aware about Fresco too, but I don't see anything nefarious in the Venus project at this time...

Check out these two questions answered by Jacque Fresco in this interview:
Q: In this new culture do you propose to utilize a technical elite that would decide the direction for society?
A: No. The Venus Project calls for a cybernated society in which computers could replace the outmoded system of electing politicians that, in most cases, represent the entrenched vested interests. Technology will never dictate or monitor individuals' lives, as this would be considered socially offensive and counterproductive. Motion pictures such as 1984, Brave New World, Blade- Runner, and Terminator 2 have spawned fear in some people regarding the takeover of technology in our society. The Venus Project's only purpose is to elevate the spiritual and intellectual potential of all people while also providing the goods and services that will meet their individual material needs.
It has been said that many people employed by private corporations feel they serve in private dictatorships from the moment they step though the door and punch the time clock. The Venus Project, on the other hand, would utilize the best of technology to better the lives of everyone. In the proposed system, the workday will be shortened, thus providing individuals with more leisure time, a healthier life-style, and a stress-free environment.

Q: What are the safeguards against abuse of power in the society you envision?
A: In a resource-based economy, we surpass the need for money which is the basis for most corruption. The society we envision makes all goods and services available for everyone without a price tag. This is what the function of government could be, by surpassing the need for politics in the management of human affairs. At present, governmental decisions have always been subject to the influence of the power elite. The cybernated complex would only manage and improve the distribution of resources, to provide clean air, clean water, and all of the amenities that enhance human life. Again, it does not control people or manage the lives of individuals -- on the contrary, it could encourage the development of individual initiative and creativity far beyond that of our present-day money- oriented culture.
There are many who fear the installations of cybernated systems. This fear is unfounded. It is not technology that is to be feared. Our concern should be with the abuse of this technology, rather than with the inanimate technology itself.


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Gobbledygook said...

I haven't watched AJ's comments about ZG Pt2 - why should I want to filter my own impressions of the film through somebody else's BS? I prefer to let my intuition give me an initial impression of the work of others.

And now hearing that he's got doom-monger Alan Watt on board, I certainly won't be bothering. Watt has never come up with any positive solutions to solve the present situation, just handed out the razor blades and run warm baths for people who want to waste their time listening to his negativity.

Dedroidify said...

Glad to read I'm not crying in the wilderness! :)

On the myspace bulletin I've received a handful of comments supporting my thoughts too so that's encouraging.

Peace J'onn

Strother said...

100% agree with you on your points.

In addition, AJ seems like he is threatened by Zeitgeist 2. Maybe he doesn't want to have money go away because he is starting to be corrupted by it??? He does not understand scarcity and abundance.

Dedroidify said...

Hey Strother,

He did seem a little threatened by it in the interview. Ego was a factor too I was sure. Though we oughta remember the guy is human, with a passionate (passion, from the greek: Gk. pema "suffering, misery, woe,") christian reality tunnel. And geez it can't be optimal.
I wish something would happen to get him out of that, though at least, looking at it positively he this way has a lot of Christian conspiracy researchers who are finding out a lot with less christian bs than usual right?

He did mention his own sales in the interview with PJ in a weird tone, I don't know about corrupted by money. But I can imagine someone who is doing ok financially will have a lesser tendency to want a new system than a lot of us who are doing less well and actually have it as a reason (or just in general) rebelling against the injustice in todays systems.

I'm not going to start villifying AJ but he sure needs a serious slap on the wrist ;p

peace dude!