Tuesday, October 14, 2008

News(ance) Roundup (drenched in usual sarcasm )

* No UFO in Alabama yet, or any other UFO sighting. I am in a true state of shock. How could "higher intelligences" lie to us? :p Don't shoot the messenger! No, but you can mock them.
David Wilcock has "all the answers". "It would be a tragedy", no man, the stuff at the link seems more like a tragedy lol. I'm not gonna discard Wilcock all together but come on...

* Added for the logic-bombness of the Invisibles: "If we switch on that twat Alex Jones one more time and we find he has managed to turn another story so that it involves him getting one of his guests on to lead to fucking Ted Anderson flogging his gold - which oddly he sells for all those worthless dollars he is always talking about - we will take some gold and shove it up Alex Jones fat Texan arse.
He may have been slightly serious once but this is getting fucking silly.
That was very cathartic."

* The Belgian prime minister said the banks were acting rogue, and the government now has to protect the citizen. He called for more ethical behaviour from the banks. Thanks. According to a poll on a news site 75% of the population thinks he's full of shit. That's my kind of hope.

* Bush has pumped in 185 Billion (I think I heard that, does it matter? It's imaginary after all) in stocks for banks. Basically nationalizing them. Obama has a simpler plan, he even spelled it, like a true hip hopper. J.O.B.S. Awesome, let's refuel the wage slavery shall we? Though don't expect to get paid that much ok? We're in a crisis, know your place.

* Paul Krugman has won the Nobel Prize of Economy, one reason stated on the news, was he "helped form a theory which can predict an economic crisis like the one we're in now", great job dude! Used to work as an economic consultant for Enron too. I don't give a crap if he's critical of the Bush administration. Obama and McCain are critical of the Bush Administration. My dead pet goldfish who died when Clinton was still in office was critical of the Bush Administration.

* Blame Canada, update: Harper just got re-elected. I thought Canada was supposed to be openminded or something. Right, nope, just as manipulated or the system rigged as in the US.

Anyway, yesterday... The Harper government was cited for actions across the academic spectrum, from nuclear safety to human health to climate science (a misnomer by now?). A repeated charge is misreprestation and/or suppression of scientific finds, as well as acting to prevent the dissemination of research, to silence scientists.

“It’s absolutely Orwellian what’s going on here in science in Canada,” said environmental scientist Andrew Weaver in an interview with The Georgia Straight. Weaver, lead author on three Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports and the recently published "Keeping Our Cool: Canada in a Warming World", was not surprised when references to the UN's IPCC reports were removed from Canadian government websites. He wrote in his book about new rules the Harper government put in place, requiring journalist questions for Environment Canada scientists be submitted in writing, and responses must first be presented to media-relations staff for editing and approval.
Hmmm, in the same trend as hurdling fake accusations about a fake candidate in the States to ridicule real criticism. Using fake controversy to suppress a fake theory in Canada.
"You have to admit, they play this planet like a harp from hell." It's so easy.

Within the government's own Environment Canada the Conservatives have been accused of muzzling the department, even interfering with the release of one researcher's science fiction novel. The novel, entitled "Hotter than Hell", deals with a not-too-distant future strongly affected by global warming. That is not a sensational retarded title at all.

So, expect some global warming legislation in Canada soon? Carbon tax good enough for you scientists? I bet it will be.

Proof that wiki is for the people, by the people: Have your say! "Aren't the Conservatives in the right to press their ideologies, since that's what the voting public elected them to do?" Yeah, governments pressing ideologies is what democracy is all about!

* Another great instance in Belgian law enforcement, an immigrant was shot in the back after jumping out of a moving police car. When running, the police shot him in the back. Official explanation: Accident, the cop didn't even aim. Magic Bullet theories, very popular in government. After all, what's more important, the career of a cop or the life of an immigrant?...

* In another Belgian poll on the news: Women want status, power, cars, money. Just like in a retarded TV series that nobody I know watches, which is probably based on some US show again. Yeah, see how happy you are in a few years with all your dumbass outdated trinkets.

* Ringo Starr warns you with peace and love that he won't sign your shit anymore. Weird video message, but then again if you're a fan and still didn't get an autograph perhaps you should you realize by now how utterly sad, useless and stupid one of those things is.

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