Thursday, October 16, 2008

News(ance) Roundup

I just want to point out, that the ridiculousness in this post... is actually going on.

War on of Terror comes to World of Warcraft

The Director of National Intelligence is spending $800,000 to look for people who break rules in virtual worlds, in order to find "terrorists". Read that again, and kick something.

British government minister warns of terror threat
"The threat of another major terrorist attack is building in Britain, a government security minister said Tuesday, a day after the House of Lords rejected a measure that would have extended the amount of time police can hold terror suspects without charge." Convenient!

China will be a democracy by 2020, says senior party figure
"As soon as we find out how to rig representative democracy (contradiction in terms) as good or better as anywhere else... ;p"

No significant global warming since 1995 by Jarl Ahlbeck
(global warming is a global BS warning, selective data ftw)

Global Warming: An Opinion from

this car runs on water, that one runs on peas
someone make a car, that runs on bullshit please
Lyrics here

Security services want personal data from sites like Facebook
Because voyeurs just can't handle private profiles.

Steven Jacobson: Mind Control in America (audio yt vid)
(remind me to post more from this man)

The Transformers generation has been given REAL guns (vid)
I don't think you've fully let it sink in yet, this gun can kill people and shine a light.

Think about this photo when Palin hugs McCain after she introduces him

Nader Blackout: Theater of the absurd (vid)
Don't vote Nader because he can't win anyway, you're wasting your vote, he's responsible for Bush being in office, *fill in other programmed nonsense here*, your vote doesn't matter, etc.

Obama is here, CFR Remix & Obama can't shut his insubstantial pie-hole (vids)

Also added 40 more quotes to the randomized quote section here. Catch 'em all!


Michael Skaggs said...

Hey Man! Want another synch? Tonight I read a small article at work in a medical magazine no less, about World of Warcrack having a "virus" released by the creators that a player could catch and infect others, back in 2005! I guess they handled it really bad [players] and it spread like hot cakes. Anyways, some University teacher who played figured it out and wrote a paper on it, and get this...
Homeland Security got down wind of it and decided it warranted investigating and researching to see how people in virtual worlds handle pandemics. Is that not messed up? Meaning, they did it on purpose to see what would happen.

AND...I work with a huge WOW player, I showed him the article, he was quiet then said "oh great, I hope they clean my cage out and give me food every now and then". He didn't take it well.

Later man, great eclectic post!

Dedroidify said...

Homeland Security loves the Matrix!
I hate everything about Blizzard now, everyone of the original team was gone and it soon became a corporate whore house like most gaming companies. Spirit & name, not the same!

thanks bro