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Synchromystic Jake Kotze has a new fascinating interview up with Red Ice Creations about synchromysticism, synchronicity, 9/11 and more.

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Synchronistic Linguistics in The Matrix Or How Bob Dobbs Became the Tetrad Manager by Robert Guffey

Obama Feigns Ignorance of CFR, NAU by Kurt Nimmo

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GZA, RZA and Bill Murray : Coffee & Cigarettes... (takes a while to take off)

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"Who needs to know that? I don't need to know that."

Here's a cool Ron Paul sync in Linklater's movie Slacker at Spelunking the Ideosphere.

Check out Arnie post: Eagle ruler 888 at Konkrete Junkyard, Total Recall was on TV last night but I watched the latest Stargate Continuum (may post on that later) with a buddy instead.

I stumbled on this Rihanna topic on ats, after posting this earlier (scroll).

Human-pig hybrid embryos given go ahead

Building 7 Controlled Demolution 'debunked' in new BBC documentary

Haven't seen (not really looked either) much on the new BBC documentary yet about building 7 supposedly collapsing - and thereby being the first fireproofed steel building ever - by regular fire.
[update: Prisonplanet.com has an article up, and includes something I missed, they edited the Silverstein quote and removed the last part. By deliberately removing “and then we watched the building collapse,” the BBC has performed a hatchet job on the whole context of the statement by censoring the fact that the collapse of WTC 7 was a consequence of the decision to “pull” the building.]

I saw the documentary on BBC by chance (or what seems to be chance :p, whatever hehe), their explanation is... maybe possible though they only use witnesses, experts and computer simulations, along with one convincing picture of structural damage of building 7. However, all those things are able to be twisted and can not be considered conclusive proof. This explanation would mean that this is the first steel building to collapse because of fire, and supposedly building 5 now had a collapsed column because of fire too, with a photograph being used for evidence. This still is rather unlikely and I am not entirely convinced by the documentary and remain agnostic and still think (not the same as believe) the government let it happen/was in on it: the wargames on the same day, and the same case on 7/7 too.

A quote from one of the pages on that link says "The official investigators are confident they will be able to solve the final mystery of 9/11."
Final mystery? There are mysteries at every site of 9/11 and the official explanation seems like the funniest, farfetched (muslim) conspiracy theory there is.

(Let's do this again to be as clear as possible) Though it's not because I 'believe the conspiracy theories', I am interested in the conspiracy research which raises valid questions to loads of anomalies. I only have lateral (many, as apposed to linear: one) catmaS (flexible possible opinions, not rigid dogmatic beliefs) from the evidence gathered, the theories don't really matter, if they get debunked. As long as there aren't any convincing explanations for the long list of 9/11 inconsistencies (and for that matter most major events of this and the last century), people should be encouraged to keep researching and being open to many interpretations.
When you say Building 7 seems to have been brought down by a controlled demolition, this is not the same as saying Building 7 was brought down by a controlled demolition. (See e-prime if you wanna learn more about english without "to be", it makes language a lot more intelligent and open minded.)

Here are some more remarks about the documentary:
* the black witness clearly means he was stepping over bodies in the interview with dylan avery, again this shows the official story has holes in it. he also tried to demonize avery for twisting his words, while avery had the proof of the recording. I wonder what people who buy the official version thought of this.
* unnecessary expressions of anger & ridicule towards the conspiracy researchers by the people interviewed
* why interview all the conspiracy researchers about most stances before the official version is explained, and not interview the researchers after they had time as well to evaluate the new official story?
* I'm not sure but I think there's no clear mention of military exercises on 9/11 (and 7/7), except for the soundbyte of the air traffic controllers saying "is this real time or exercise"
* there is no attempt to debunk Jones his thermite residue theory
* they forget to mention there were many unusual evacuations and power-downs in the WTC in the days just prior to 9/11. Marvin Bush, George W. Bush's brother, was one of the owners of Securacom (now called Stratasec) which was the company in charge of security for the WTC.
* nice setup of first saying the conspiracy theorists will believe what they want (which is partially true, this phenomenon is called "confirmation bias" and means everybody has dogmas in their belief system where they take beliefs, assumptions or generalizations for truth - however, this is quite an overgeneralization too and doesn't apply to all 9/11 researchers), and then shortly after show Dylan Avery discarding Richard Clarke, who wouldn't discard Clarke? :p
* so we have the first ever collapse due to fires, even building 5 supposedly had collapsed steel, while I'm willing to accept this with proof, it's rather unlikely.
* the demolition expert has ties to the government, and claims it's impossible or he would have known about it. Let's face it that the US government is quite able to have superior tech than a private contracter, especially considering they are explosives, military and black budgets are just two possible sources.
* claims of the government (a more understandable use of language I find to be: people who happen to be working for the government) being too inept, research the other major conspiracy events like the world wars, let's not forget even pearl harbor was allowed to happen.
* also "the controlled demolition of the twin towers and/or building 7" does not necessarily have to be a part of a 9/11 conspiracy theory, the pentagon and the pennsylvania site have their own serious inconsistencies. What should be and remain central in the 9/11 conspiracy truth movement is research and not theory. Students of a dutch university have supposedly debunked the controlled demolition theory of the twin towers, saying it is possible that the towers collapsed in on themselves because of jet fuel, and the debris and cloud doesn't look like it came from explosions. I haven't seen their work but remain (very) skeptical.
* claims of the necessary secrecy unable to be kept, I raise you secret freaking societies throughout history :p Secrecy can be kept
* this documentary also only touches on building 7, it doesn't touch the 5 frames pentagon, the twin towers and the explosions witnessed there, the little evidence of an airplane crash in pennsylvania. Nor does it touch the london 7/7 or 3/11 madrid bombings inconsistencies.
* the documentary seems to be just another example of mainstream media documentaries, showing both sides first causing a little chaos, then shaping order by using experts who subtly ridicule the other party. These documentaries seem to be purely geared towards the average joe, and make very little effort to come across as genuine to a true researching, questioning, observant and aware viewer.
* there is a subliminal where they show a clip of the early report on the building 7 collapse by the bbc where they cut off the clip right after he says "farfetched"
* still it is possible this new official explanation may be true, though this documentary wasn't convincing enough for me. Using witnesses, experts, computer simulations isn't proof. I'd rather too a few terrorists did this instead of people working for the freaking US government (& possibly others), however the US & British governments & media have acted the exact opposite concerning civil liberties, terrorism and the mainstream media reporting there of (world wide no mention of most inconsistencies with only a few exceptions in Japan and The Netherlands for instance). More like powergrabbing while the common folk get increasing trouble with rising prices of oil and food. (funny tidbit, in the west-flemish dialect of flemish (the belgian dutch), the translation of prices sounds like priezen (general flemish: prijzen) which sounds like prison :p.)
* the guy in the confession video of 9/11 of "Osama Bin Laden" still doesn't look like the real Osama.

The FreeBees - 911's A LIE

The FreeBees - 911's A LIE

Daily Dedroidify: Satan: a symbol of lies & ignorance

Daily Dedroidify: Satan: a symbol of lies & ignorance

The book of Job is nothing else than an allegory that has the purpose to show that evil on earth is a trial of virtue. All persons in this work are symbolic and especially their names point this out. Job is the appointed, Satan is the trial in general and harassment in particular. The story facts are just as improbable as in fabels, but the philosophy of it is very beautiful. From all of this nothing reasonable is to be concluded about the reality of a figure named Stan. (rofl, I refuse to change this typo)

In the Gospels Jesus speaks the following profound riddle words filled with eternal wisdom: 'The devil is as much a liar as his father.' The devil, whoever it may be, could thus not be a creature of God, at least not in his uality of the devil. Who or what then can be the father of the devil? The father of the devil is the lie. He is himself the lie and the father of the lie.
Satan, the representation of the fallen angel, the one that instead of soaring to the wisdom of the etheric, descends into the stupidity of the material.
He is the one all including madness. But it is a terrible, conniving, shrude power, that assumes a thousand formes, that penetrates all, sometimes threatening sometimes flattering, always destined, a power that God wanted when he wanted freedom, however destined this power brings forth slavery; a power that personifies itself in the large group of the purposefully erring.

One can read in the Gospels that the Messiah asks him how he calls himself, and he answers: 'I call myself Legion, cause we form a large multitude.' The devil is the beast, or rather the working inspiration for the multitude's working stupidity: it is the attraction of evil.

Excerpt from Eliphas Levi: Elements of Kabbala

"Benefiting as they do from our ignorance as to the workings of social engineering. The leaders in office can hardly be expected to use their power and resources to effectively change the status quo. They're not inclined to demand or cause real change, because they covet the view from tittering penthouses beyond the glass ceiling and the clammier of the audiences, unaware of their own self and power to change the world around them.

Fortunately the times are changing and the masks are finally coming down. To the surprise of both protagonist and antagonist. It has already begun to dawn on the few, that in their order for the thrill in climbing up higher above others and in their narcissistic view for reaching the skies. They have like Icarus, flown too close to the sun. So what a shock it will be for those who seek the prize of technological enlightenment and social utopia to realize after all there sacrifices they are doomed to fall back to earth with blazing wings. What cries will be heard from those whose vanity has propelled them so high above the world. When their exclusive reality comes crashing graciously down.

Already we are beginning to hear these cries and as the new millennium advances we are going to hear them more and more frequently. From the mouths of those finally recognizing that while they despotically ruled from their steely cloud crown penthouses they allowed their foundations to rot weaken and finally crumble away to nothing. We are approaching the days when many seemingly ancient myths are going to be reenacted. In fact some of the greatest so called myths are yet to occur. What a surprise it would be to find out that Lucifer's great fall from paradise was not an event of the past but an event that is still to come."

Michael Tsarion