Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cold Case: Masonic Ritual Killing on TV

As I learned from PseudOccult Media, whenever television is running out of ideas, they just take some of their masonic 'hobbies' and reformat them. Like this dumbass series called Cold Case, how many damn criminal investigation shows can a tv take? I saw this episode where a fat girl gets killed during a frat party. The (masonic) 'brothers' of a former friend of her trick her into getting embarassed and later killed. Her (other fat) friend got raped the same night.

They got led into the party with blindfolds, cause only the 'brothers' are allowed to know where the party is. When their blindfolds are taken off they're standing on a huge scale like thingy. Haha... The 'brothers' wear pig masks that make you think of any masonic masquerade. (notably thé masquerade films: Eyes Wide Shut & The Ninth Gate.)

Later the dad of the guys threatens an investigater he can take his job easily. Don't come to the battlefield without a weapon, the investigator already has a picture with him that can be made headline news scandalizing him, so he'd better cooperate.

He talks about the party where the brothers wear their pig masks in a sloppy way with a lot of them showing their faces, and call the fat girls pigs. The girl takes a picture of the party and everybody freaks out, she says she e-mailed it already too. The father watching the party clears the room, everybody home! When the father left he says the girls were still alive, but a fire was started in the garden...

The girls' shattered egos decide to burn the house down in revenge, instead of going to cry themselves to sleep as usual. Laurie the main character goes back inside with her friend to talk about what happened. But the rape victim wants to burn the house down right away, when freaking out about this, she recognized her rapist. The father, shit saw that one coming. Upon this her hate starts 'burning' inside and she lights the house.

While this is happening, the brothers take out their anger on the friend who's with the fat girl inside, because of the picture, cause now their precious little shit secret is out and the fraternity will be done with. They lock the girl in the room they were in. One brother takes the key and asks: 'are you a brother or a pussy' and walks away with the key. The friend tries to save the fat girl, but the damn window is barred. She dies behind bars gasping for air with the friend trying to save her.

The prick that locked the door is arrested. Another picture of him is taken while he's escorted away. The girl who set the house on fire is arrested too though. But so is the father. The dumbass show ends with an X-Files like warehouse where a box of evidence is left, maybe a hint like in the X-files of the multitude of these kind of cases. Right after that and the final scene: the friend bonds with the father and he sees a vision of the dead girl smiling at him, with butterflys on the door behind her. Lovely, the caterpillar is now the butterfly, the human is now an angel, but as for the most twisted interpretation: for the elitist masons, the bad fat living girl is now a good dead girl. Damn, I know.

The butterfly, another mind control symbol: The name Monarch does not derive from its royal heritage, but rather refers to the Monarch butterfly. Children who are traumatized have their legs tied and are electroshocked and tortured so that their alters (personalities) that form think they are butterflies, a feeling of light-headedness is also evidenced by the electroshock; as if one is floating or fluttering like a butterfly.


Anonymous said...

C C ~ Cold Case ~ 33

C is the third letter in the alphabet.

3 = 11 in binary code

so C C = 3 3 = 11 11

K is the eleventh letter of the alphabet.

So therefore C C = 11 11 = K K

Dedroidify said...

That's great, check out Jake Kotze and other synchromystic bloggers for K2 = KK = CC. K2 = 2K = 2000 = MM (MilleniuM), etc :p

I knew synchromystics equated C with K sometimes but now it's totally legit with this binary conversion ;p
awesome, thanks man

Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment back a "your welcome" and was going to just say "NOM NOM", to show so my pleasure in doing so. I decided to do an etymological search on "NOM NOM" which turned up the Cookie Monster.

Here's a link to one of Jake Kotze's articles, where I showed him a Cookie Monster picture.

I found the picture and learned of the onomatopoeia, NOM NOM at same site strangely,

Cookie Monster: "COOOKIES!!!!!! OM NOM NOM NOM" (Eats everything, including plate)

Dedroidify said...

C is for cookie and cookie is for me!

skrambo said...

I think I should pick up Trance Formation of America, it seems to help alot with making the connection between the symbols and their hijacked meanings and triggers. Is it really worth all of the horrible mental images? Is there another book you're using to decode the ritual abuse ciphers?