Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hidden Agendas: Alternative Researchers, 2012 Love Fest, & Progressive Clarity

Check out a great rant at Hidden Agendas: Alternative Researchers, 2012 Love Fest, & Progressive Clarity.

From reading the Egyptian Enneads, I initially see no extraterrestrial influence, I see a fucked up family, engaging mostly in incest, subjugating entire nations (start with one!) through ridiculous fucking belief and control systems. Masters at deception, but no convincing evidence for me that these are Extraterrestrials or 'Gods' (dimensionals). The Man behind the Curtain, is probably just an old geezer that you can bitchslap. If Satan is the symbol of the Lie, then these families are Legion, the one who is many. Divide & Conquer through belief, what if the biggest mystery in the beginning of civilisation was that some monkeys realized that you could lie your ass off with language? Though of course, it's possible there is an extraterrestrial/dimensional influence operative, I'll just need to have some proof before I accept it completely, until then, they will exist as many possible reality tunnels in my mind, so nothing gets filtered out or preferred.

Is 2012 a sedative or a catalyst for you? If it's a sedative drop it, if it's a catalyst all the better. But if 2012 is an excuse for you to not act in any way for what you think (not believe) is right, then I really think it's time for some self-evaluation. (Don't worry, you can lie to yourself all you want if you find that more comforting :p). Guess what, action is what got these people their power, not just thinking about it. So don't get me started on the law of attr(non-)action as a means of overcoming the system if by that you just mean thinking happy thoughts and not working towards your desired future.

"Oh foolish man, what won't you believe." Adam Weishaupt
Believe NO-THING.

The lizzies come up in hallucinogenic trips, but hey, loads of theriantropic creatures do. You're just as likely to run into a humanoid bee, a praying mantis or a fluffy bunny rabbit (I kid you not). This is your future they will tell you, for we are you in the future, consciousness mirroring itself. Wether these are other dimensions or just deep realms of human imagination nobody can say for certain yet, as these non-lineair spaces will need some more exploring for that.

"And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels with him."
Does this mean they're just gonna go underground bunker? :p

These alternative researchers are also highly suspect to me, there's not one I'll really vouch for. They contradict each other, accuse each other, and their conclusions should be considered just that, their conclusions.

However this doesn't mean I'm not open to the possibility of 2012, extraterrestrials/dimensionals or the researchers theories, otherwise I wouldn't explore and question them. I've had some very interesting experiences concerning consciousness which I have shared here, these include meditation, entheogenic, synchronistic and even divinatory experiences. My current catma's are very agnostic however as I find that to be the most sane way to move ahead.

I'll close off with two X-Files quotes:
I want to believe: the worst fucking quote in fiction (that includes religion) ever, this is worse than religion & ideology and their confirmation bias, this is wanting the confirmation bias!
Though on the other hand, it also could just imply 'keep seeking despite ridicule or whatever', they could have worded it better in that case.
Trust no one: Aah, much better, trust no one, not even yourself by which I mean continue to question your belief system periodically. Everyone, including you, can be potentially misled by hidden agendas, disinfo, misinfo, ignorance, fuzzy logic, confirmation bias, too much or too little skepticism towards a subject, etc etc. Remember, truth seeking is about seeking thé truth, not your truth by which I mean acquiring new beliefs based on earlier ones.

Question everything, replacing the exploring everything above. Since the datastream is more than corrupted, 'question' is much more appropriate I find. Thanks Michael!


Michael Skaggs said...


Glad you liked the rant, sounds like I got you "fired up" on your own rant. :) I enjoyed the feedback and your points. I like the 2012 catalyst idea rather than sedative, which the latter appears to be pushed in the New Age agenda--"don't worry, everything will be fine, Humanity is going to reach Co-Creation status.." and so fourth. Sure, co-creation meaning science will provide nanotechnolgoy that will be creating matter by manipulation of "atoms"(adams)thereby securing those Egyptian bloodlines with immortality...sorry, was I starting another rant?

It's becoming painfully obvious as we watch the New Age "rockstars" earn their keep without offering any substance, proof, or simplistic meaning which people can focus on a course of action to re-create new systems that work.

I like your X-Files quotes, I want to believe, geeesh, I know it, talk about subplantation in the mind!

Be well my friend, keep up the great work, your info has lead me down a narrow pathway to clarity as well as the other synchromytics!

Dedroidify said...

RANT WAR :p The problem with reality tunnels is my rants branch and never end lol.

And you! Especially for boosting the skepticism. It's a great enlightening community I tells ye!

Alex Robinson said...

Hi Dedroidify
Great to see you pick up on this topic too. Am seeing some great rants & common sense appear across the blogoshere - like a breath of fresh air.

Thanks for putting up my article too :)