Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In the Heath of the Night

Cause without a Rebel (Polterchrist) did a great job at piling up some more Heath syncs In the Heath of the Night. Man I'm telling you, this well won't run dry. Check out my Heath post with the best links I found listed.

added: the plot thickens? ;p Christian Bale Arrested for Assaulting Mother, Sister. Thanks Secret Sun! (Always) Check out the (synchromystic blogs) comments!

added 2: Things just keep getting more interesting, weird and creepy. I'll just link 'em: Two pics of Heath Ledger dressed in a (s)hell t-shirt, the second one is at a peace rally (a better word for war protest ;p) 1, 2.

added 3: Secret Sun just opened a whole new can of worms with Templar links and the why so Sirius? connection.

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I Thank you for the add.

Brought smile to my face:)