Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rick Strassman DMT interview

Martin Ball at Reality Sandwich has a fascinating interview with Dr. Rick Strassman: Voyaging to DMT Space
"It was obviously hard to come up with a model, at least in my mind, at least with what I knew at the time, to really be able to accept and hold and take the stories that people were telling me, and come up with a theory that I could live with scientifically and personally and ones that would make sense to the volunteers."


Auberon Barnable said...

I just picked up a copy of Strassman's "Inner Paths to Outer Space". So far it looks amazing. I'll give my impressions shortly. Have you read this yet Dedroidify?

Dedroidify said...

Looks great, I don't have the moolah to order books but I read the spirit molecule by strassman though. Please let me know how it is when you're done ;)