Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Freemasonry and the Survival of the Eucharistic Brotherhoods

article about 'Entheogens and Freemasonry' by Mark Hoffman & Carl A. P. Ruck
...Given such an underlying assumption of gnosis as a kind of basic and defining experience at the esoteric core of all the Mysteries, dogmatic and doctrinal differences were only of marginal concern and interest, and crass literal interpretations were easily abandoned in favor of a mythological richness infused and sacralized by a common gnosis.
Thanks to Joe, "I noticed that the Scottish Rite (foundation for Schizophrenia) was the primary sponsor for Strassman's DMT studies and it got me curious..." Joe. John Mack and Terence McKenna were funded by the Rockefellers too, even though I'm a little metanoid about this, I don't think there's necessarily anything nefarious going on here just through association (that's why metanoia is so much more advisable than paranoia ;p btw have you ever noticed how everyone else's paranoia but your own seems unnecessary and annoying? Simply because they have different associations that led them to those conclusions or questions. The more openminded metanoia (beyond paranoia) gives for more pleasurable reading and not turning people off anytime. Though it's impossible to please everybody and it's hard not to use strong language once you're convinced of something. Of course, if you provide ample evidence - and there is little or no evidence to the contrary - you are voicing genuine concerns and are not being paranoid.) I have no idea what's going on :p

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