Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mos Def :The Rape Over & Tupac about the Illuminati

Mos Def: The Rape Over (Jay-Z Take Over parody)

Me likes, here's some more conscious hip hop.

And here's Tupac about the "Illuminati" (I think Tupac is offering people a "winner script" to deal with the possibility of this): "
That's why I put the K to it, n*ggas is tellin me about this illuminati shit while I'm in jail, "the dollars ya'll." That's another way to keep your self esteem low, that's another way to keep you unconfident and I'm putting that K because I'm killing that Illuminati shit... Cause they all like "the pope.. and the money," Aww come on man, get the fuck outta here! You so thinking about the money, you're not getting the motherfucking money. Get the money n*gga I don't give a fuck who's face on there."
Tupac Shakur
From a perspective that's like profound wisdom 90s style hehe :p, anyone have a guess if this 7 day theory prankster is still alive?

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