Tuesday, July 15, 2008

“Verbatim” - Erin McKean speaks at Google

“Verbatim” - Erin McKean speaks at Google

Thanks to Philosophy-Explained, check out this post for more interesting info. I'm fascinated by languge myself, engage in constant wordplay and am painfully aware of how language creates reality. This is an interesting enough lecture about setting some dictionairy-bs straight ;).

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Anonymous said...

symbol driven conciousness. The information she presented is really important, but I disagree with her in one aspect. Lexicon defines the limit of infinity and can not be so brashly disregarded. I could and would have to speak forever, to say a single truth. Hence the movement omnificence theory she presented, the limit is the great divide. Trying to accumalte infinite words is not the answer. For a word is usually multipe words, many different histories, and behind that is letters. Even letters have long since been evolving. From the picto-grams we defined as our earliest symbols, massive amounts of information were stored in the vast amounts of time, all to be seemingly accesible to our subconcious. She's got a bunch of good points, but I'm not hoping for someone to invent retro-active acronyms, and ever other possible ideation till "the cows come home". I still haven't finished reading the dictionary I have and yes Dictionaries are the greatest books ever written. Good show.