Saturday, July 19, 2008

Six minutes Dark Knight Trailer

The Dark Knight - Prologue

Spoilers abound! Pseudoccult media already has a post up about it: 6 MK Minutes of The Dark Knight. Interesting in the post is the pic of Harvey Dent: "Believe in Harvey Dent" (does that make you think of someone political? :p) and in the trailer of Dark Knight he says something along the lines of "after the (k)night comes the dawn!" If this long trailer is an indicator the movie seems to definitely live up to the hype! In it the Joker says a modified Nietzsche quote by Antero Alli (knowingly or not who knows), "What doesn't kill you makes you stranger" from his book Angel Tech.

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Indras Net said...

I definatly dug the movie, altough I havent seen the prevous ones. Lots of checkerboard floors and other geometric synch stuff too. Toward the end the joker and batman have a conversation that seemed very metaphysical, sort of like a habit vs novelty or extropy/entropy dialouge. The two characters seem to represent those forces to me at least.