Friday, July 18, 2008

Technoccult TV: Antero Alli about Hyatt & RAW!!!

Technoccult TV: Antero Alli pt. 2

Watch the vid before reading on this post, or tis spoilydoo.

Holy... that was awesome :p, man if that was the story I could tell I would really fucking LOVE it if people asked me how I met RAW (I didn't) :p - I love shaking the bs. Man those nights at RAW's and Arlen's sound like a dream. Also great point about the lower circuits by Antero.

I find it really interesting again that a crazy UFO sighting like that happens during a kundalini rising (Antero's pauze was hilarious :p), the strange attractor of McKenna?

Technoccult is on freaking roll btw, check this out: Susan Blackmore on lucid dreaming - I've had a few lucid dreams, really wish I could - or would work towards - be(ing) better at it), quitting Mary Jane would help it seems. I'm fascinated by them, especially the semi-lucid ones, where you're not able to change the environment but are 'stuck' so to speak only to explore what's around you.

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