Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Daily Conspiracy: Chinese Secrets

Daily Conspiracy: Chinese Secrets

Sky News has made an exclusive investigation into the sinister secrets behind China’s booming economy. The Chinese government uses police brutality to remove people from their homes and into lives of squalor and poverty, to make way for the rich contractors. They even hire thugs to violently attack villages to clear them, villagers who have to defend themselves with their farming tools...

On top of that China's booming economy is making the way for a new age of wage slavery, human rights are ignored when persecuting and torturing the Falun Gong people without mercy, the great fireWALL of internet (& other) censorship and their booming car industry's emissions are destroying the environment (people in China already have health issues cause of this).
China, fun place to be right now! (btw congratulations to the American media for sinking even lower when calling a Falun Gong protester fighting for her human rights a HECKLER for interrupting 2 asshole presidents during a presidential visit.)
Or how about some footage of cowardly Chinese soldiers shooting at Tibetan refugees?

What we're trying to say here is... tone down the f'ing fascism ok?

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