Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Step Beyond - The Sacred Mushroom (1961)

I got sent this on myspace and see Secret Sun has a post up about it too.

One Step Beyond - The Sacred Mushroom (1961)

From the vid info: One Step Beyond was a series show which began airing in 1959. The show primarily dealt with dramatized versions of paranormal events. This episode which is from the third season was an exception. John Newland along with doctors, and scientists took along a camera crew into the mountains of Mexico in search of the Sacred Mushroom. In one scene, a few "brujos" (native shamen) are encountered and agree to guide the party in a mushroom ceremony. In the next scene, John Newland is back in the states, and along with Dr. Andrija Puharich, several ESP tests are conducted on John before and after injesting the mushroom they call "X". This really is a facinating thing to watch considering this was series television (ABC) broadcast nationally in 1961... possibly one of the only times a psychedelic substance was injested and broadcasted.

It has some (unintentional) hilarious moments:
_...a man was shot.
_and shot at.
_and another man was driven out of his mind.
_for a while... :p

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