Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jed McKenna shakes the Spiritual B.S.

"Wait a minute. Hold everything. How many of you think that? How many of you equate enlightenment with bliss or ecstasy or rapture or whatever? Hands up."

Several of them raise their hands. Mary, who was asking about Zen, doesn't raise her hand. A couple of others who I know are already beyond the First Step don't raise their hands either, but nearly a dozen do. I'm not surprised by this but I wish to use it as a springboard into a larger and more interesting topic.

I stand up and begin pacing back and forth across the fire from them. I give it a minute, let a little suspense build, and then let it out.

"Fuck bliss."

Several jaws drop.

"Bliss is nothing. It's not relevant. It's a pretty piece of candy that has lured you away from the real work of waking up. Get it out of your heads. I can't emphasize this enough. This is right at the very heart of the web of misconception that diverts countless millions of seekers away from their own awakening. This is exactly the kind of narcotic you have to break free of.

"Now, pay attention. The way to get something out of your head isn't to hear some spiritual teacher say it's bullshit. It's for you to drag it out and really shine a light on it for yourself. This bliss nonsense is a perfect example. Do you really think that enlightenment is going to be like a permanently extended sexual orgasm?" Muffled titters and chuckles. "Think about it. Think for yourself. That's the Golden Rule in this game: Think for yourself."
I pause to let that thought find a home.

"Enlightenment is not a peak experience. It is not a neverending cosmic orgasm. It is not an altered state of consciousness. It's not a happily-ever-after fairy tale. It's just waking up - as simple and as difficult as that. We've all been sold on the idea of an everlasting spiritual high that we can never know except in flashes and glimpses of which the mind cannot even retain a memory. That's the opiate and the masses are sucking it up. Permanent bliss is just heaven repackaged for a slightly hipper crowd.

"The larger issue here is how such a bizarre belief found it's way into your heads in the first place. That should be a pretty scary thought. If that foolish notion was so firmly rooted in your thinking, what else is in there? If you're thoughts and beliefs aren't your own, then who are you? You must re-examine your assumptions, and believe me, only a small fraction of them are visible. Unchallenged acceptance can define you and alter the course of your life. For instance, maybe the whole reason you're on a spiritual quest in the first place is because of the unchallenged belief that this path ends in a permanent state of super-dooper happiness. Maybe you don't really want to go where this really leads. Maybe you're just in it for the fairy tale. I would guess that that is true of over ninety-nine percent of all spiritual seekers."

I look around and see everyone staring at me wide-eyed. Is my zipper open? "Think for yourself. That's the real golden rule. Think for yourself. Make it your mantra. Tattoo it on the inside of your eyelids."

From (fictional) Jed McKenna, Spiritual Enlightenment The Damnedest Thing. (Enlightenment is about truth.)

RAW on Money

"...an issue that agitated philosophers and theologians from Aristotole to the late Renaissance: how can money, an inanimate object, reproduce itself? Only animals can reproduce, right?

...Many, especially St Ambrose, analyzed the fraud closely and decided that it rests upon a monoploly over the coin or currency. Hence the Banks of Piety, which... lent without charging interest, thereby abolishing or diminishing usury.

By 1692, the Banks of Piety had ceased to exist... That year, William Paterson, founder of the Bank of England, boldly declared the miracle of miraculous multiplication in an advertisment to prospective share-holders, promising they would have "benefit of interest on all the moneys which the bank creates out of nothing." Ever since, we have lived in what La tour de Pin called the "Age of Usury." Others, more politely, call it Finance Capitalism.

All of us, born into debt, remain in debt all our loves and the debt will pass on to our posterity, multiplying not only miraculously but faster than bunny rabbits. Economists call it compound interest.

Money not only has learned the art of fucking, but even that of reproduction. The people who demonstrate agains the World Bank and the IMF have not invented an original and radical idea but merely rediscovered the view of most of the Western classics."
- The Thing That Ate the Constitution, by Robert Anton Wilson

"A brief aside, a lot of political libertarians point the US abandoning the gold standard and turning to "fiat money" as the first sign of financial mistep, resulting in whatever the current economic crisis might be. And that's true, as far as that goes. But they don't seem to follow through the thought process and see that the valuation of gold, in and of itself, is a process of imaginary values and guesses." Rob Pugh - Shamelessly copied from the awesome Relaxed Focus blog

The NeuroSoup Trip Guide by Krystle Cole

The free e-book version of The Neurosoup Trip Guide is now available online. It contains chapters on Choosing the Right Hallucinogen; Set, Setting, and Preparation for a Trip; Tips for Tripsitters; Aspects of the Entheogenic Experience; Working with Difficult Experiences; Integration; and References and Recommended Reading. Video introduction.

"During the peak of one of my first LSD trips I came to the realization that all the knowledge of the universe was at my fingertips. So, I seized the moment and asked myself some the universal questions I had always wondered about.
I started with, "Why are we all here?"
And the answer came into my head as one word, "LOVE."
Then I asked myself, "What is the purpose of this life?"
And again, instantly I knew it was "LOVE."
I asked yet another question, "Who or what created us?"
And again "LOVE" cascaded throughout my being."
Read on here - NeuroSoup.com & YouTube Channel


Your search has taken you far and wide through-out cyberspace...
Your travels have been exhaustive...
You have left more than one search engine in a pile of smoking rubble...
Your quest... Wisdom. Inner substance.
A tool to help make sense of the modern world.
An artifact of heart and reason.
The data-stream wind is blowing up here...
Nestled atop a mountainous network core sits the digitized monastery.
As you reverently open the seemingly ancient gates,
you are subdued by the smell of incense...
Or is that burning circuitry?

"The Matrix that can be spoken of, is not the eternal Matrix.
The name Matrix is not its essence.
That which shall remain nameless was the genesis of Universe.
The so-called Matrix may be described as the network of all things.

So... rid yourself of desire in order to realize Universal mystery.
Allow yourself to have desire in order to experience Universal manifestation.
These two are essentially the same, but diverge in the naming.
Mystery upon Mystery... the gateway to Tek-Gnostics."

UK Police (State) will use new device to take fingerprints in street

Project Midas... "Our next thing will be facial recognition in the field," he said.

What I'm interested in is what will follow that, and that, and that...

The pic on the left (click to enlarge) is a parody on this crazy bs.