Thursday, October 2, 2008

Everything is Illuminated

Well, not everything :p

The Conspiracy Theorist Reality Tunnel when seeing this title said: "Bragging sons of bitches!" We might interpret this as the pseudo-Illuminated ones - the iHollywood branch - laughing straight in our faces, letting us know they run shit. Though the title is from a book and the words are incomplete (to make a sentence which will indeed 'illuminate' everything, see later), the Skeptic RT relaxes the CT RT though both are intrigued and get along fine! (as no RT believes its assumptions)

What is this supposed to be in the title screen? (I turned it on its side)
A Harlequin fetus? Extradimensional Reptilian? Grasshopper? Any ideas?

Everything is Illuminated (trailer feat. Devotchka's How it Ends) is a li'l movie with Elijah Wood and the great Eugene Hutz from Gogol Bordello (Wonderlust King) who plays a Ukranian with his own brand of English. (Unfortunately he's also in another movie... Madonna's directorial debut - ROFL! Try saying that with a straight face!)

I really liked this one, though some subliminals and symbolism really stick out warranting a post like this.

It's based on a book by Jonathan Safran Foer, whose second (and only other) novel is about 9/11, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. From the Wiki:
This is one of the first American works of fiction to incorporate the attacks of September 11, 2001, (the first one was the 9/11 commission report!) as a pivotal theme in its plot. The use of reality (lol?!) is a very crucial aspect that affects all elements of the novel.
Another important theme stressed in the novel, which seems to correlate with the theme of the attacks, is the key that Oskar finds in an envelope in a vase that he accidentally knocked over (how the hell is synchronicity in nearly every work of fiction and remains so unknown?!).
The key causes him to embark on a hunt for a solution to a great mystery (I'm guessing it's not What Really Happened on 9/11 lol)—a kind of detective story that involves an answering machine containing tape recordings of calls made on the morning of the "worst day," which was hidden in a closet. The key symbolizes Oskar's search for why and what exactly happened to his father.
The CT RT notices flexibly that Foer's first book got a lot of (controlled?) press, guaranteeing the sale of a lot of books. From the wiki:
Foer is one of the more controversial novelists of the past decade, not for the content of his writing, but rather for the extremely polarized responses he elicits from readers. The Times proclaimed that the book was "a work of genius," that Foer had "staked his claim for literary greatness," and that "after it, things will never be the same."
Harry Siegel 's Extremely Cloying & Incredibly False (wait to read this article till you finish this post please) is a review on the other side of the spectrum about the author... Which I can kind of understand, cause the crazy mofo included this:
"Much has been made of the flipbook with which Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close ends, a series of pictures of a silhouette falling from the towers, rearranged so that as one turns or flips the pages, the figure ascends instead of falling..." Harry Siegel
Foer defends himself with a quote in the article (wait! :p You'll spoil the ending of this post) but doesn't fully redeem himself in my humble temporary flexible opinion.

Back to Everything is Illuminated: The movie's theme is about Anti-Semite BS and the Nazis, which was another Illuminati-operation (an iOperation), so Everything is Illuminazi'd?

The movie is quite light hearted and funny despite the sometimes serious subject matter. I won't spoil all of it, just share some observations, and a little this and that.

The movie starts largely in Odessa, Ukraine. During a drive to the train station where a Ukranian dude and his grandpa will pick up Elijah Wood's character, we see the 'Hotel Odessa'.
ODESSA, also stands for the German phrase Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen, which in turn translates as “Organization of Former Members of the SS,” is the name given to an international Nazi network alleged to have been set up towards the end of World War II by a group of SS officers in order to prevent their prosecutions for war crimes.
The CT RT can't help possibly interpreting this as a really sick fucking joke. Letting a (Illumi)Nazi-themed movie start in Odessa...

During the aformentioned drive this little subliminal is flashed on a billboard for a split second. It appears to be a hanged woman, on the left at the bottom, that's a 'Skull & Bones'. Another iOrganization.

Elijah Wood's character Jonathan - Hutz's character Alex calls him 'Jonfen' in his premium English (Which I love and found hilarious cause I used to telephone with a lot of Eastern-Europeans when I was working as a Computer Support Engineer at an international company before I went down the rabbit hole) - goes to the Ukraine to find a woman who saved his grandfather during WW2. Alex his Ukranian family, who make money off Jewish people coming there to look for lost relatives, will help him along with his pseudo-blind grandfather and...

Upon arriving at the car, where we see the driver sleeping with sunglasses on. Jonathan gets scared by a crazy barking dog in the car, called Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. (named after likely iMember Sammy Davis Jr. was in Lavey's Church of Satan, member of the Rat Pack, and converter to Judaism after an accident on U.S. Highway 66.)

The dog barks from in the car and Jonathan is scared back a little.

Alex: Please do not be distressed, this is only driver's seeing eye bitch!
Jonathan: You mean he's blind?
Alex: Nooo! Only he thinks this. Please, do not be distressed...
Jonathan: I can't get into the car. I have a phobia.
Alex: ?
Jonathan: A Fear.
Alex: ?
Jonathan: I'm distressed by dogs.
Alex: [in Russian to Grandfather] He is afraid of dogs.
Grandfather: [in Russian to Alex] Bullshit! No one is afraid of dogs!
Alex: [to Jonathan] My grandfather informs me that is not possible.

Haha. The officious Dog Star seeing iBitch.

During the trip they pass a random nuclear sign. Which is obviously not another eye, in a triangle.

Speaking of eye

This stargate monument stands in memory of the 1024 Trachimbroders...

German fascism = iFascism = Eye-Fascism.

Ok let's slowly move from conspiracy to consciousness now...

I only noticed at the end of the movie that Alex is wearing a jacket the entire movie with a Saturnian type logo (the red patch & gold planet on the jacket), another Eye in a Circle type symbol. (I also noted a hexagonal pattern on a floor somewhere but can't find it back ;p)

Jonathan's grandfather's girlfriend at the time buried her ring before being shot by the Nazis and they find it through a woman:

Alex: "She says the ring is not here because of us. We are here because of the ring."

let's do some comparing to another movie: Find the ring Frodo (Elijah Wood)! lol

'The ring is not here because of Frodo. Frodo is here because of the ring."

The Ring symbolizing Saturn=The Lord of the Rings.
Saturn resonates a lot, including death (maybe 1024 Trachimbroders?), the god of agriculture, founder of civilisations and of social order and conformity. Some exchange Wedding Rings, to symbolize discipline and obedience... qualities of Saturn. The bright side is seemingly that Saturn can impart serenity and wisdom. And the wisdom of Saturn is the wisdom of the Earth itself.

"Death is not here because of us. We are here because of death."
"Death is not here because of Life. Life is here because of death."
Or in one word: Duality. Just playing with it here. What is intrinsic about Duality? Interconnectedness. The Yin and Yang symbolizes the duality in nature and all things in Taoism. Balance, where two opposites co-exist in harmony and are able to transmute into each other.

At the end... a narrative by Alex explaining the title, as within so without:
"I have reflected many times upon our rigid search. It has shown me that everything is illuminated in the light of the past. It is always along the side of us, on the inside, looking out. Like you say, inside out. Jonathan, in this way, I will always be along the side of your life. And you will always be along the side of mine... Jonfen, I am sending you this because we have shared something to exist for. And, of course, in case anyone comes searching."
The movie nearly ends with Jonathan going back home and recognizing a lot of seeming familiar Ukranian faces at the airport. In the next scenes the 2 main characters are then simultaniously at their grandfather's graves. More synchronicity!

So Everything is Illuminated really means Everything is Connected.

We finish with another quote by the angry critic Harry Siegel, BS this time:
"The (9/11) book's themes—the sense of connection we all feel when the coffee or acid hits and everything is illuminated, the brain-gurble and twitch and self-pity we all know better than to write about—have nothing to do with the attack on the towers, or with Dresden or Hiroshima, which Foer tosses in just to make sure we understand what a big and important book we're dealing with."
So the interconnectedness of everything... has nothing to do with something... Harry?! ;p

I had a huge déjà-vu wrapping this up too.

update: more at Alienpunk.


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Why did the grandfather kill himself and who was the guy that survived the shooting and got up to walk away? I'm so confused!