Friday, July 18, 2008


Check out an excellent article by the Celtic Rebel (check the new header, that's awesome) about Barrack Mohammed Hussein Obama & the other 2 puppets.

I recently saw Hancock (Live from the Logosphere synchromystic link), with all its blatant phoenix imagery - I mean shit, was it really necessary to have him wear a suit with a phoenix on its back and then have him parade in front of a huge Phoenix-like statue IN MULTIPLE CAMERA ANGLES in his first serious rescue effort :p, the answer is yes. At the end of the movie JFK gets specifically mentioned. Leave the theater with that, black superhero, JFK & go watch the news after the movie :p

You think the media isn't blatant about the Obama Hancock link: Hancock, Obama and the summer of heroes - Los Angeles Times, holy syncfest batman - I accidentally click this link and the picture of the phoenix is in my face lol, so added it to the article. The opening fucking word of the article is a typo lol "Sp far this summer" Ah fuck it I just had to read it on then, aaand... it's the most blatant propaganda article I've seen in months.
"Who doesn't want a superhero when the world is in trouble?" asks marketing guru Jane Buckingham of the Youth Intelligence Group, who studies young people. "Who doesn't want somebody to come save the day when the world is a mess?

"Life is hard. We are going through bad economic times. The environment is in trouble. There are looming terrorists."

Obama-man has no past. Like all caped crusaders, he is a mysterious cipher, and yet a reassuring figure, like Superman or Spider-Man. And you all know that beautiful, lanky Michelle Obama would look great in her own spandex. Personally, I have more confidence in Obama, and I'd just like to say, what's the alternative? John McCain as the Incredible Hulk?
I think if someone said those lines to my face I'd have to vomit all over theirs.
Here's another blatant link: Will Smith wants to be president of the US


Alice said...

I called that as soon as I saw the first stupid can Americans be? Like play doh - easily molded...PATHETIC...

All Good Things,

Anonymous said...

The trouble is we're seeing through their links, which rely on a kind of washing over our consciousness to obtain their full power.

THEIR methods aren't changing. They rely on ancient magickal ideas to empower their archetypes. Seeing through them dis-empowers them. You are the white wizard handing the enemies grimoire over to us.

Keep posting original content!!! We eat it up.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kudos and the traffic. Lately though, I've been wondering if in my new header image, it'd be more appropriate to turn the "warrior" towards the pawns, to signify trying to prevent them from running blindly yet willingly towards the other side of the board. :-)

I'll have to watch the end of Hancock sometime. I had stopped watching it near the end, as lately my mind just can't take too much of this overt programming.

You raised another possible synch that just occured to me with yet another phallus and HH resonating light-skinned black man: Herbie Hancock.

Dedroidify said...

Thanks anon, I kinda like that ;)

My pleasure CR. Don't worry the pawns are gonna stay behind the dude with the special sword ;p

I don't let it get to me that much, I just jump into another reality tunnel ;p