Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Phoenix: Obama Heath Will2K 2pac Freeman

Take the Nobama post of yesterday & the Heath Ledger Syncfest post of 2 days ago. Put them both in a blender, and what do you get: The Phoenix. The phoenix is the crow, raven or bat in Heath's post, and the Hancock Eagle in the Nobama-Hancock post. Tupac also syncs up here as the phoenix as a gazillion albums came out after his death. Just as the movies that came out after Heath and Brandon's deaths, and remember in Will Smith's I am Legend he dies at the end (there's an alternate version where he lives, but that is not the version that millions of people saw in theaters), and is resurrected as the Phoenix in Hancock. I think the Nobama post title could be eerily correct. (Not so much anymore though after commenter post, see further :p)

Remember all that Obama assassination talk a while ago? Remember that they tried to equate Obama with JFK (who was assassinated, if you happen to be from another planet ;p) and the JFK name drop at the end of Hancock. Remember that Ledger & Lee (and many others) might have been' suicided'.

And now for the most disburbing sync of all. The Crow & The Joker have white painted faces. Does that mean we still ain't ready to see a black president (- ugh)? And they'll get rid of him and let Bush declare his martial law?

Tupac, with whom Obama also syncs up as pointed out at The Blob, was shot dead, or faked his own death. So what to think? Any comments are appreciated. Btw in the Blob comments Naa'ray found this great sync with Tupac, check his R U STILL DOWN? album cover, the fingers make up the Twin Towers - along with that title, that's pretty wow! Tupac of course, wrote this a long time ago ;p.
On the other hand, Will Smith (W2K) aka Mr. Millenium (MM) hasn't been suicided and reigns as the hero in loads of movies, not to mention he's known as the FRESH PRINCE so I think I might be hitting the ball wrong here and Obama will become president. Another sync I can come up with is they tried to "character assassinate" Obama in the media with his pastor (who to me seemed to talk more sense than any politician :p). So maybe that counts as assassination and rebirth after that too. And then there's the sync with Morgan Freeman who has played an American president before in the movies. As you probably have figured out, I have no freaking idea lol. (thanks to the comment at the end of the article I think I do now ;p)

This is all just sync speculation, I'm clueless about how things will turn out, yesterday I commented somewhere I'd prefer Bush over Obama being president with a fake "hope you can believe in" message (if they intend to declare martial law and use those FEMA camps, I mean all those facilities are staffed for a reason aren't they? Or are the reports of that false?), but I'm not so sure now ;p Bush is getting way too cocky as seen in that Daily Show vid posted today. Obama will have to be more careful, I hope :p. Time will tell.

update: anonymous commenter: The connections between the people empower the symbol. The symbol is not the people themselves. The synchs link them.


Anonymous said...

THEY don't need to kill the Fresh Prince.

They killed Heath Ledger to empower the archetype of the Smiley faced killer.

Obama, Heath, Brandon all participate in the same archetype. They are the group soul of the archetype. One person is too big for a symbol so they infuse different spirits into a single archetype.

The connections between the people empower the symbol. The symbol is not the people themselves. The synchs link them.


Dedroidify said...

Oh excellent, I may have to edit the post then ;p thanks for the insight :)

Anonymous said...

One more, totally off topic, but since I killed my blog I felt I needed to get it off somewhere.

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Noachian - that's Noah as in Noah's ark.

Noah's ark is the story of humans coming to earth from Mars.


Thanks Droid!

Anonymous said...

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